In this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Jay Feitlinger, serial entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of StringCan Interactive, a strategic online marketing agency in Scottsdale, Arizona with a regional office in Paris, France. Since StringCan’s launch in 2010, Jay oversees strategy and vision with a mission of building a culture that makes going into work something his team looks forward to. He’s also responsible for recruiting additional team members to help exceed client goals, leading the team and allocating where StringCan invests time and money. One of Jay’s proudest accomplishments is earning Phoenix’s Best Places To Work award, on two occasions, recognizing StringCan for its dedication to its staff personal and professional development.

Practicing what he preaches around helping companies stay focused, Jay has positioned StringCan to work with multi-location, family oriented companies (such as swim schools or gymnastics schools) with their inbound marketing and online advertising needs. This focus has allowed StringCan to position itself as a leading authority in addressing the complex structure around multi-location online marketing needs, especially with local Internet search. This commitment has earned multi-year contracts with companies such as The Little Gym with over 250 locations and GameTruck with over 175 locations.

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Podcast Topics Include:

  • Maintaining culture and values in multiple locations internationally
  • Managing client pace differences in different countries
  • How to be a “Best” company to work for
  • Hiring for fit, specifically for fast changing environments and passionate mindsets
  • Creating ideal employee avatars for recruiting and marketing to top talent
  • Phone screening interviews based on culture before skill
  • Personality and skills assessments
  • Employee surveys and feedback (Tiny Pulse)
  • Group interview approach
  • When company core values can come back to bite you
  • Managing family life like a business and having work/life balance
  • Investing in yourself as an entrepreneur and company owner

More About Jay Feitlinger & StringCan Interactive

Through years of experience, trial and error, success and failure, heartache and joy, Jay has found that our professional and personal lives are not in fact separate entities. In fact, it’s only when our home lives thrive that our businesses can be free to thrive too. And this is a truth that every entrepreneur deserves to hear. In 2015, Jay took the lessons he has learned from his last eight businesses and created a 4-day family retreat to help entrepreneurs and business executives who desire more out of their family lives. The results of this process helped Jay with his own family issues and as he shared the process with others, he was inspired to have his first book published, FAMILY 2.0: Harness Business Principles to Reboot Your Family In 4 Days, which focuses on helping entrepreneurs strengthen their families – and in turn strengthen their businesses.

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