take a vacation

Take A Vacation

Selling is a grind. As salespeople, we’re conditioned to keep hustling on weekends, days off and setting our OOO message to “will continue to have access to email” and providing our cell numbers for “emergencies.” Because the “what if I miss a deal” paranoia is very real. But what if you’re jeopardizing your best self...
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the "s" word

The “S” Word

Recently I had a conversation with an Executive Director who approached me about speaking at their event. He had heard me speak somewhere else and thought I would be a great fit in educating his members – a diverse audience of association CEOs, hospitality salespeople, and meeting planners. It was during our discovery conversation that...
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educate, entice, expand

Educate, Entice, Expand – Part 1

A while back, the stars must’ve been aligned just right because I had two incredible, but rare encounters with two service providers that provided stellar service by asking the right questions, actively listening to my concerns, and confidently answering my questions. This was obviously before Mercury was in the microwave or whatever it is they...
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Tell Yourself a Story

Tell Yourself A Story

I’m a big proponent of storytelling. I can hear it now, gasps of shock and awe. So when Susanna and I were chatting about how much of an impact the right mindset can have in overcoming adversity in the workplace, especially for us women, and she said ‘tell yourself a different story’ I knew I...
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get consistent being consisten

Get Consistent Being Consistent

200 episodes. 4 seasons. I’m still in disbelief. Statistics say that most podcasts don’t even get to celebrate their one-year anniversary much less have the stamina to pump out 200 incredible episodes. And let’s not forget that nearly everything else I was working on when we launched our pilot episode has since fell to pieces....
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yes and your way to closed deals

‘Yes And’ Your Way to Closed Deals

It’s July. Q2 has come and gone and with it half the year. If you’re anything like me you’re all ‘where has the time gone?’ Why do we so often feel like 6 months from now is in the distant future while 6 months ago was just yesterday? In May I was amidst negotiations when...
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operationalize your day

Operationalize Your Day

You’re here because you’re procrastinating. You saw the headline and thought this is the perfect distraction to further prevent you from checking things off your to do list because like most people, you just don’t know where to start. And if you’re lucky there will be some wise and golden nugget hidden away in these...
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selling the price increase

Selling The Price Increase

I don’t have to tell you that the cost of everything is going up. I don’t have to but I’m going to do it anyway because as gas prices hit record highs and apples run about $6 a bag and homes continue to appraise for 2-3 times their worth you will eventually have to increase...
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how to find the right business coach

How To Find The Right Coach

In my humble opinion, everyone should have a business coach. And ideally that coach would be me but, as I’ve mentioned before, finding the right coach is akin to dating. Personalities have to match, goals have to align and of course, it helps if you like the same football team or whatever it is that’s...
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“Just The Tip” Tuesday – Lose The Filter!

It’s #JustTheTip Tuesday and cohost Gina Trimarco is telling you to forget the filter and show up as yourself. On Instagram and in real life!Posted by Women Your Mother Warned You About on Tuesday, December 17, 2019 “Just The Tip” Tuesday …In this #JustTheTip Tuesday video co-host Gina Trimarco tells you to forget the filter and show...
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