“We’re going to have less sales people than ever before … 60%, or more, of the sale is already done by the time a sales person is contacted.

Tom Niesen, CEO, Acuity Systems

On this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Tom Niesen, CEO of Acuity Systems, who spent 14 years in upper sales management and marketing positions with companies like Polaroid and Fuji Film before starting Acuity Systems, Inc. in 1990. At those companies he built sales teams and began to understand how and why sales teams failed, the difference between effective sales processes and what just sounded good, and what it really took to create a superstar sales force.

Today, he blends his own experiences with nationally proven training and evaluation tools from The Sandler Sales Institute, Objective Management Group, and Extended DISC, to teach a unique brand of sales training and personal development. It’s so unique – and so engaging – that Niesen closes his own prospects at a rate that would make most salespeople green with envy.

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Podcast Topics Include:

  • Tom shares how he closes his own prospects in a way that would make most sales people green with envy
  • Sales should be looked at as a science and is better referred to as lean selling (similar to lean manufacturing)
  • Building solid foundation for sales and having the right processes and behaviors in place to support your sales team
  • What “going into the cooler” means
  • Goodhart’s Law: When one measurement becomes a goal, it’s a bad goal
  • Culture issues that affect sales and how to change those processes
  • Creating a “sales map” without the sale person
  • Effective vs non-effective sales training
  • Tom’s view on the 2017 Q4 Vistage CEO confidence report
  • How to get better at interpersonal communication and rapport building with the rising workforce of a younger generation
  • Using a pattern interrupt strategy in communications and sales
  • Using improv in the sales approach
  • Having an upfront contract about how you work
  • How to have a superstar sales force
  • Emerson’s Law of Compensation

Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes | Stitcher

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Founded in 1995, Acuity Systems, Inc. offers strategic planning, culture development, sales recruiting, training, management, and consulting. Unlike traditional sales training that focus on technique, Acuity focuses on changing sales cultures, beliefs, and processes through group classes and one-on-one training. Acuity Systems also offers business development modules that address hiring, forecasting, sales processes, negotiating, strategic account planning and pipeline management. These modules are designed to ensure that training “sticks”​, and that new behaviors are created.

The Pivotal Leader is a production of Pivot10 Results, a strategy and training company that helps businesses shift from people problems to performance results.

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About the author

Gina Trimarco is a native of Chicago and CEO/Founder of Pivot10 Results and Carolina Improv Company. She has 25+ years of experience in marketing, sales, operations and people training. Gina combines street smarts and improv comedy skills with her experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, which sets her apart from her competition.

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