Episode 60: Taking Risks & Hiring For Purpose with Founder Nezha Alaoui

“I can teach you everything, but I can’t teach you ambition.”

– Nezha Alaoui

In this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Nezha Alaoui, Founder and President of Mayshad Foundation. Nezha is a global advocate for change. She is an international entrepreneur working in sustainability, philanthropy, wellness, business, media and fashion. She backs her “Be Who You Want To Be” philosophy with action and tireless advocacy.

Nezha is also the Creative Director of her luxury handbag brand Maison Mayshad, where she designs limited collections of handbags using recognized processes of the art world, including serial numbers, limited production, and auction sales.

At age 29 she created an import/export business simultaneously with a foundation, when many discouraged her goals to create a company with a positive message that also has a philanthropic mission. She is an only child from aristocratic family in Morocco who, despite many opposing factors, proves you can “be who you want to be”. Starting her career in the hotel industry, she traveled the world where she experienced different cultures and learned that we all have common values.

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Podcast Topics Include:

  • The challenge of making innovative choices
  • Building a company with soul
  • Attracting talent through purpose; starting employees at 20% less for first three months
  • Hiring for ambition
  • Creating customer experiences, using all five senses
  • Story of the deaf frog and not letting people “should on you”
  • Sexual harassment and the media

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More About Nezha Alaoui & Mayshad Foundation

Through her missions for the United Nations in Mozambique, Ethiopia, Senegal, Mauritania and Haiti, she has developed a special understanding and close relationships with marginalized communities, especially youth and women in the third world. These experiences inspired her to create the Mayshad Foundation in 2014. She also founded the Mayshad Woman Club (MWC), a business-oriented networking club featuring workshops and panels, which gathers business and community leaders from around the world to create a lobbying force that supports the Mayshad Foundation’s “Be Who You Want To Be” philosophy.

Additionally, as editor-in-chief of Mayshad Woman Magazine, Nezha reaches women across the globe with her philosophy. The magazine writes about empowering experiences through its sections on mind & soul, travel, health & beauty, arts & design, fashion and cooking.

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