“I believe that there is currency in humanity. People are currency with value while money is superficial.” – Paul Amelio, CEO, N2 Global Solutions

In this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Paul Amelio. Paul is a creative ad genius and inventor. He’s also the co-founder and CEO of N2 Global Solutions, Inc., a New York City-based technology company that has developed the first integrated wireless network of its kind—an Internal ‘Super Grid’ that consists of modules that retrofit into a building’s existing electrical junction boxes, that communicate remotely with an existing Building’s Management Systems (BMS).

What’s most interesting about Paul is his journey from Italy to the Bronx, living his own “Bronx Tale” in the 60s. He arrived in America, as a child, with his family one month prior to the assassination of Martin Luther King. His mother didn’t want him to end up a Shepard, so they boarded a cruise ship as “vacationing” passengers to America with no intention of returning to Italy so they could have a better life. His story of growing up and grabbing the American dream is inspirational. Ironically, the cruise line was called the SS Michelangelo. Paul is a true “Renaissance Man” you need to know!

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Podcast Topics Include:

  • The journey from immigrant to US citizen to entrepreneur
  • Realizing your talents and leveraging them
  • The difficulty of creating a product “that’s a piece of you” and needing the help of others to sell it
  • Selling a necessity vs, a commodity
  • Building currency in relationships to create real equity
  • Creating jobs while fixing the environmental climate
  • Providing training and opportunities for minorities
  • Having a “CBO” as a secret weapon for success

More About Paul Amelio & N2 Global Solutions

Amelio is the key inventor of the N2 SuperGrid, a wireless building monitoring system that uses computer technology to integrate systems that keep tabs on everything from room temperatures and lighting to security and the presence of fire and gas hazards.

After creating successful ad campaigns for so many clients in his very successful ad agency career, Amelio dreamt of advertising his own brand, one that had value before developing a brand ID or a marketing campaign and toward the end of 2009, the concept was born.

It came as an epiphany as Amelio and his friend David Katz were watching a documentary comparing Nikola Tesla with Thomas Edison. Amelio couldn’t help but envision that the face plate for the wall socket and wall switch had characteristics that were similar in size and saw the smart phone easily replacing the face plates. He thought that perhaps light switches could also become detachable phones and wall sockets would be smart enough to integrate with the electrical infrastructure and become digital spigots that could monitor harmonics (similar to how a water facet controls the flow of water).

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