The Pivotal Leader Podcast

Creating agile and innovative organizations

The Pivotal Leader podcast hosted by Gina Trimarco, features interviews with progressive business leaders who share their experiences and anecdotal success stories about how to shift quickly and constantly in leading agile and innovative organizations.

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Episode 60: Taking Risks & Hiring For Purpose with Founder Nezha Alaoui

“I can teach you everything, but I can’t teach you ambition.” – Nezha Alaoui In...
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Episode 59: Strategies For Growth with CEO Carlos Vaz

“I’ve tasted my own ignorance. It’s horrible. It’s bitter. And it’s so expensive.” [on the...
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Episode 58: People, Process & Purpose with Chris Power

“In order to manage your growth, you have to manage people.” – Chris Power In...
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Episode 57: Ego Management, David Blu, Retired Professional Athlete

 “The things that set us back propel us forward.” – David Blu On this...
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Episode 56: Creating Traction, John Fulwider, CEO gear80

“You can’t differentiate yourself in the marketplace on smarts. You need to differentiate yourself on...
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Episode 55: Thought Leadership As A Marketing Strategy (with Ali Schwanke, CEO, SimpleStrat)

“You have to think about it [talent acquisition] almost in terms of like an NFL...
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Episode 54: Does Your Culture Inspire Innovation? (Dr. Mehta Kumar)

“When companies innovate, all of our lives are better.” – Dr. Kumar Mehta In this...
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Episode 52: The Pivotal Leader with Frances Prado, Inventor/CEO, Hanging Secrets

In this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Frances Prado, CEO of Ageless...
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