CEO Paul Galvin shares his philosophy: “As the CEO, it’s your job to create the conditions for your team to win. And that’s what sports is about. It’s not doing everything yourself. It’s creating an environment for your team where everybody can do the best that they have to offer. And that everybody’s blind spots are protected and covered while the clarity of purpose is that we, as a group, are just much more talented and much more capable than we are as individuals. And so, as the CEO, it’s constantly about trying to make sure that I’m putting myself and my colleagues in the right positions where they can execute.”

If you’ve been to the Container Bar in Austin, Texas or Container Park in downtown Las Vegas, you’ve experienced SG Blocks, Inc. Paul Galvin is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SG Blocks, Inc., a leading innovator and designer of container-based structures. Founded in 2007, SG Blocks utilizes code-engineered cargo shipping containers to construct and provide safe, strong and green structures and environments.

With his French bulldog “purring” in his lap during our interview, Paul’s affable personality quickly gives you an idea of what it would be like to be on his team … most likely fun and rewarding.

Podcast Topics Include:

• How SG Blocks found a way to create a sustainable engineered building system with applications across construction markets
• Keeping labor overhead low while maintaining the right culture through strategic partnerships
• Bringing ambitious people with vision together to bring something meaningful to the marketplace by following an unconventional path
• How Paul has created a culture and purpose that attracts Millennials as potential entrepreneurial customers
• Helping customers actualize their dreams by reducing or eliminating traditional barriers to financial success
• The need for flexibility as a leader to be able to pivot with the dynamic forces of the economy and world events

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