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Kevin Garber is the CEO and Co-founder of ManageFlitter – a product that layers a set of search, filtering, sorting and follow tools on top of your Twitter account. In this episode, I talked to Kevin about customer acquisition, employee retention and business growth.

A great reminder he provided is that “You’re not Google, Facebook or Twitter – you still have to do marketing to raise awareness about your business”. And when it comes to employees in his tech world, Kevin believes that “tech people are highly intelligent and motivated by challenging problems to solve.”

Kevin is also the co-host of the weekly It’s A Monkey Podcast that talks to thought leaders in the tech and entrepreneurship world. Kevin is obsessed with avocado and the TV series Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Podcast Topics Include:

• Mastering the “art of being a CEO”
• Avoiding “gimmicks” in your employee retention strategy
• “Casting a wider net” to find the best team
• The benefits and necessity of highly diverse teams
• The REAL reason why you’re micromanaging everyone
• The best marketing tool
• What you need to prepare for company growth
• The upcoming launch of (and how to get in on their alpha  test)

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About the author

Gina Trimarco is a native of Chicago and CEO/Founder of Pivot10 Results and Carolina Improv Company. She has 25+ years of experience in marketing, sales, operations and people training. Gina combines street smarts and improv comedy skills with her experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, which sets her apart from her competition.

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