Gina Trimarco

Leveraging To Level Up

“Leveraging” and “Leveling Up” are common phrases in business, especially coaching. They may even be overused and yet they’re worth discussion for anyone trying to drive revenue or scale a business. In the world of improv comedy, we constantly talk about “heightening the scene” through the philosophy and application of “yes, and” (acceptance, validation and...
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sales objections


Some thoughts on sales objections. Just because an objection feels like a negative towards you, it doesn’t mean you need to react negatively to the buyer’s concerns. One of the first things improv comedy students learn is to not negate the ideas of another student/performer on stage. The first one to initiate an idea, without a...
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Make Others Look Good, Make Money

One of the rules of improv comedy is “make others look good.” When we make others look good, we automatically look good. If you want to build strong relationships in business or life, this improv rule will serve you well. From a comedy show performance perspective, what this drills down to is “don’t negate others’...
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“In My Feels” Selling: Managing Emotions In The Buyer’s Journey

Want a competitive advantage in sales? Understand when your buyers are “in my feels”. Buying is emotional. We all know this. Your buyers often come from a place of fear of making a bad buying decision. It’s also a good reminder that selling also is emotional. More importantly, recognize when you yourself are “in my...
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Asking For Help Builds Relationships

“Excuse me sir, can I have some more?” is what goes through my mind lately while traveling and needing to ask for help constantly! Several months ago I broke my right wrist, which required two surgeries and a lot of challenges since I’m right handed. Not to mention I had an emergency appendectomy in the...
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running out

Running Out Of Business

The occasional “we’re out of that” happens and most customers are understanding. But sometimes, shame on you if you own or run a business and “run out of” something. It can be a make or break for your business. It can tell the world what to expect of you going forward even if it’s just...
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paying attention

Paying Attention

Nothing drives me crazier than service providers (also known as sales people, even if they don’t think so) who don’t pay attention to the details when providing a service of any kind. Great service will organically bring you continued sales – what I call “common cents”. Here are two examples of being hyperaware, one good,...
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