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The Real Reasons Women Quit Their Jobs

As published on Slice.ca: Women quit when feeling undervalued “People typically ‘quit managers,’ not companies due to feeling underappreciated and undervalued, says Gina Trimarco, founder and chief results officer for Pivot10 Results, though she admits the truth doesn’t always come out. “I heard an expert recently speak on why millennials quit; it’s not because of...
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Episode 51: The Pivotal Leader with Brandon Black, Former CEO, Encore Capital Group

“Authenticity opens the door to conversations that are important.” – Brandon Black In this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Brandon Black, co-author of EGO FREE LEADERSHIP: Ending The Unconscious Habits That Hijack Your Business. Brandon retired as the CEO and Director of Encore Capital Group in 2013.  During his nine years as President...
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