Episode 32: The Pivotal Leader with The Private Practice Start Up

In this episode of The Pivotal Leader Gina Trimarco spoke to Katie Lemieux and Dr. Kate Campbell, co-founders of The Private Practice Start Up and discussed what it takes to be build a private practice and be an evolving entrepreneur. They are both Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists who are passionate about inspiring other mental...
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Episode 6: The Pivotal Leader – Paul Galvin

Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes | Stitcher In episode #6 of The Pivotal Leader, CEO Paul Galvin shares his philosophy: “As the CEO, it’s your job to create the conditions for your team to win. And that’s what sports is about. It’s not doing everything yourself. It’s creating an environment for your team where...
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Are Your Vendors A Good Fit For Your Company Culture?

By Gina Trimarco, Chief Results Officer Being a “good fit” for a company does not pertain to only your employees. Having a healthy company culture requires every human interaction to be in alignment with your organization, including your employees, customers AND vendors. This seems like a simple philosophy but is often overlooked. We “settle” for...
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It Sounds Simple, But What’s Your Company’s Purpose?

By Gina Trimarco, Chief Results Officer The first time I wrote a REAL business plan was when I entertained the idea of buying a franchise. I knew I wanted to be my own boss and do my own thing. A former boss had even inspired me by saying “When you’re the President of the company...
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“Why should people work for you?” This is a real question I’ve started asking clients and prospects, especially in sales conversations. This question has become so pivotal in our relationships because it’s in the answers where we discover our clients’ real pain points and thus how we can help them. That question can also be...
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How Juicy Is Your Marketing

We are always looking for a better, faster, more efficient way to do marketing and generate sales.  The pressure seems to be never ending.  And with every new marketing idea comes additional tactical work to complete.  For small businesses this becomes so overwhelming. I watch them flounder and stress out over it all. Limited resources,...
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