Episode 32: The Pivotal Leader with The Private Practice Start Up

In this episode of The Pivotal Leader Gina Trimarco spoke to Katie Lemieux and Dr. Kate Campbell, co-founders of The Private Practice Start Up and discussed what it takes to be build a private practice and be an evolving entrepreneur. They are both Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists who are passionate about inspiring other mental...
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Your Inner Voice is Talking… Are You Listening?

By Karen Stone Mickool, Culture Curation Specialist THE STORY…. A number of years ago, I interviewed for a job as a Training Manager for a division of a well-known insurance company.  In those days, my experience hadn’t led me to the classic lessons I would later learn from recruiting pros and headhunters.  So, while I...
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Beware Of Hiring “Friends”

The following guest post was written by Karen Stone Mickool, our Culture Curator Specialist and a co-presenter of “From Pain To Profit: Strategically Pivot Your Talent and Culture” COMING SOON to Myrtle Beach. SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND We talk a lot in our world about finding the “right” employees.The real question is….what makes for the right...
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HELP!  I NEED HELP!   BUT I’M AFRAID TO HIRE! Is your business finally growing?  Are you finding yourself working more and more hours and still getting fewer things checked off your “to do” list?  Feel like you are wearing 16 hats and only handling 8 of them well?  It may be time to consider hiring...
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