Episode 19: The Pivotal Leader – Charlie Fusco

Gina Trimarco spoke with her “business girl crush” Charlie Fusco, CEO and Creative Mastermind of Synergixx, a full service direct response agency, a company she founded, nearly lost and grew to success in the past 17 years (while being a mom and wife).  Her success can be attributed to her philosophy of “You can be a...
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Strategies For Overcoming Post-Election Productivity Problems

By Gina Trimarco, Chief Results Officer A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog about “How The Presidential Campaign is Hurting Your Business”. I think many of us are shocked by the results. I posed the following questions on Oct. 31: How are you managing this right now to meet employee needs and calm...
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What If You Could Only Hire Trump or Clinton For Your Business?

By Gina Trimarco, Chief Results Officer We all know that finding the best talent takes effort, intention, time and money. It’s not an overnight process IF you want people who fit the culture. And sometimes it could take months, even years to find the right people for top leadership positions. Hiring the wrong leader can...
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How The Presidential Campaign Is Hurting Your Business Beyond The Obvious

By Gina Trimarco, Chief Results Officer Are you ready for this presidential election to be over? I think we all are at this point, from a personal point of view. How about your organization? Is it ready for the election to be over? How has this campaign affected your company culture, thus far? Yes, I’m...
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Warning: The Employee “Plateau” is Your Enemy! How To Train & Retain – Zappos, Part 5

This is Part 5 (and the last) in my series of “What I Learned at Zappos Culture Camp” By Gina Trimarco, Chief Results Officer “Unhappy people are unhappy because they plateau. Employees always want to grow. It’s the key to retention,” said a Zappos “People Development” team member during my Zappos Culture Camp experience. When...
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Recruiting Is A Gamble. How Lucky Are You? My Zappos Experience – Part 4

Recruiting is a gamble. How lucky are you? – This is part 4 in my series of “What I Learned At Zappos Culture Camp”. By Gina Trimarco, Chief Results Officer The most common challenge our clients articulate to us is “We can’t find good employees? They just don’t exist in [insert city name] because in...
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Your Inner Voice is Talking… Are You Listening?

By Karen Stone Mickool, Culture Curation Specialist THE STORY…. A number of years ago, I interviewed for a job as a Training Manager for a division of a well-known insurance company.  In those days, my experience hadn’t led me to the classic lessons I would later learn from recruiting pros and headhunters.  So, while I...
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Beware Of Hiring “Friends”

The following guest post was written by Karen Stone Mickool, our Culture Curator Specialist and a co-presenter of “From Pain To Profit: Strategically Pivot Your Talent and Culture” COMING SOON to Myrtle Beach. SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND We talk a lot in our world about finding the “right” employees.The real question is….what makes for the right...
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HELP!  I NEED HELP!   BUT I’M AFRAID TO HIRE! Is your business finally growing?  Are you finding yourself working more and more hours and still getting fewer things checked off your “to do” list?  Feel like you are wearing 16 hats and only handling 8 of them well?  It may be time to consider hiring...
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