Episode 44: The Pivotal Leader with Peter Gasca, Business Strategist

“You can’t pull together a team without putting a priority on understanding what everyone’s background and culture is.“ – Peter Gasca In this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Peter Gasca in person in the studio, where they bantered about being an entrepreneur, adapting to cultures, the differences between Gen X and Gen...
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Episode 24: The Pivotal Leader – Justin Irizarry

“It’s not practice that makes the difference – it’s perfect practice that does.” – Justin Irizarry Justin Irizarry, CFO of OrthoNow is NOT the stereotypical CFO. His innovative ability to start the nation’s only franchised orthopedic urgent care center is supported by his belief that employees are the biggest asset on the balance sheet. In...
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