how to find the right business coach

How To Find The Right Coach

In my humble opinion, everyone should have a business coach. And ideally that coach would be me but, as I’ve mentioned before, finding the right coach is akin to dating. Personalities have to match, goals have to align and of course, it helps if you like the same football team or whatever it is that’s...
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Episode 36: The Pivotal Leader with Kendley Davenport, CEO, Source4Teachers

“Diversity of thought is one of the most critical things in business today.” – Kendley Davenport, CEO, Source4Teachers In this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco spoke to Kendley Davenport, Chief Executive Officer for Source4Teachers, a leader in the K-12 education staffing space. He leads a team of more than 250 corporate employees, in...
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