STFU & Wash The Dishes

STFU & Wash The Dishes

The line between improv comic and salesperson is very thin. I can see the furrowed brows and confused looks now – ‘what on Earth does spontaneous comedy have to do with making deals?’ There a number of tenets that are directly applicable to sales, so let’s start there: Know Your Audience Skilled improv comics have...
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sales and storytelling

Selling With Stories

According to Professor Steven Pinker of MIT and Harvard: “Our brains are about three times too big for a generic monkey or ape of our size. The major lobes and patches of the brain are different as well. The olfactory bulbs, which underlie the sense of smell, have shriveled to one third the size of...
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how to find the right business coach

How To Find The Right Coach

In my humble opinion, everyone should have a business coach. And ideally that coach would be me but, as I’ve mentioned before, finding the right coach is akin to dating. Personalities have to match, goals have to align and of course, it helps if you like the same football team or whatever it is that’s...
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avoid burnout, stop saying grind, start saying build

Stop Saying ‘Grind’, Start Saying ‘Build’

It’s no secret that we as a society have glamorized overwork. A thriving culture that asks ‘if you aren’t putting in 80 hour weeks at the office under a framed “rise & grind” poster, what exactly are you doing with your life?” Which is exactly why I’m still ruminating over a conversation that I had...
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Reasons You Need a Business Coach

A Coach for the Coach: Why A Business Coach is For Everyone

You’re here because you recently asked yourself “is coaching worth the investment?” I’m pro coach, for obvious reasons. I’d put myself out of work if I stood here and told you that hiring a coach was unnecessary considering I made a living teaching, training and coaching business men and women from all walks of life...
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spontaneous selling and customer perception

Spontaneous Selling & Service – Customer Perception

This article about customer perception is part of series by Gina Trimarco called Spontaneous Selling & Service, focusing on real sales and customer service situations that needed some off-the-script spontaneity tactics to ensure recovery, retention and referrals.  Whether your business is big or small, internationally known or only known to the locals, your customer’s perception...
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weekend warrior prospecting

Weekend Warrior Prospecting

Even the most disciplined and high performing salesperson feels like there are not enough hours in the day to service accounts AND prospect. I hear it all the time from the salespeople I train and coach. I also hear it from MYSELF despite how regimented I am with my calendaring. I also take great liberties...
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networking in the new normal

“New Normal” Networking

If you’re one of those “I’m much more comfortable face to face with prospects” salespeople, the opportunity to do this again is upon you! Albeit in masks and six feet apart. Many of us have returned to working from our offices and real life, in-person networking events are starting to pop up. Being ‘out there’...
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sales and negotiating like a flea market vendor

Toaster For Sale: Negotiating Like A Flea Market Vendor

“How much for the toaster?” asks the buyer. “Five dollars,” said the seller. “I’ll give you three,” the buyer replied. “It’s five,” the seller repeated. “How about four?” the buyer persisted. The seller stood his ground and for the third time repeated “It’s five.” Ten minutes later the buyer returned and said “Fine. I’ll give...
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