Catapult Your Confidence

Alright, rockstars, let’s talk about the one thing that can turn your world upside down—in the best way possible. We’re diving into the magical, mystical, and sometimes maddening realm of confidence. Whether you’re trying to crush it in sales, land that dream job, or simply make it through a Monday without feeling like a hot...
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the diamond rule

The Diamond Rule

In the competitive world of sales, it can be easy to get caught up in strategies and techniques to close deals. However, according to my guest on last week’s episode of Women Your Mother Warned You About, there is one rule that encompasses both successful salesmanship and empathetic understanding: the Diamond Rule. The Diamond Rule...
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A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To Church: How To Reignite Your Innate Humor

“Funny happens” is a quote I became known for when I first started teaching improv classes. I’m not sure if I actually coined it or borrowed it. I felt the need to write about this because today at church when a friend introduced me to someone I hadn’t met before, she said “Gina teaches improv....
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Gina Trimarco Defines Improvised Intelligence on the Humanize IT Podcast

On the Humanize IT Podcast, CEO Adam Walter interviews Gina Trimarco about her definition of Improvised Intelligence and why it’s important in business. Gina and Adam met in 2020 when he signed up for one of her virtual improv classes. About the Humanize IT Podcast: Bridge the gap between business and technology with Humanize IT...
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Sales Secret Podcast with Gina Trimarco: How To Use Improv To Win More Sales

Improv is not just for comedy anymore. In this episode of the Sales Secrets podcast, master sales trainer and coach for Sales Gravy Gina Trimarco talks about using improv as a way to engage and relate with your prospect, something that is usually not included in the script. This doesn’t mean talking your prospect’s ear...
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INSIDE Inside Sales: Improve Your Skills with Sales Improv with Gina Trimarco

Do you have a problem being authentic with your prospects? If the answer is yes, sales improv is the word! In this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl teams up with Gina Trimarco, a rockstar Master Sales Trainer at Sales Gravy, podcaster, improviser, and the Oprah of Outbound, to teach you how to bring the...
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The Art Of Sales: How to Use Improv to Be More Effective in Sales, with Gina Trimarco

We need to plan our sales messaging for sure, but much of our calls rely on reacting and responding. But many salespeople find it challenging to get off script, be spontaneous, and think on their feet. On this episode of The Art of Sales with Art Sobczak, Master Improv Instructor, Gina Trimarco discusses how to...
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Sales Improv With Gina Trimarco on The Selling Show with David Newman

Gina Trimarco is a master sales improv trainer and leadership strategist who helps organizations re-humanize relationships through Improvised Intelligence™ (improv-based emotional intelligence). She has dedicated her career to helping people learn to become more agile communicators through the power of improv. Gina talks about her improv stage background and how she applied that to her...
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Mastering The “Yes – And” Sales Improv Framework

Ever been caught flatfooted when a buyer throws an unexpected objection at you? It turns out that improv can help you handle it and increase sales. On this Sales Gravy Podcast episode, Jeb Blount and Gina Trimarco engage in a fun discussion on how to increase sales with improv. You’ll learn how developing the same skills comedians...
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