Hiring Right

Episode 29: The Pivotal Leader with Adam Robinson, Hireology CEO, on How To Hire Motivated People

“You have to have ‘culture by intention’ as a CEO – we have to have authentic core values and lead with those. We have to make them [core values] NOT a plaque on the wall.” In this (explicit) episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology. Adam believes most companies...
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Episode 28: The Pivotal Leader – Gabriella Mirabelli

“Hiring is casting. If the film is poorly cast and the actor can’t act, you won’t get there.”  – Gabriella Mirabelli In this episode of The Pivotal Leader Gina Trimarco spoke to Gabriella Mirabelli, the foremost authority on translating millennial behavioral trends for executives at major media enterprises. She was listed on Inc. as one...
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