Rockstar Collaborative 2024

Unleash Your Potential, Embrace Your Tribe, and Level Up with the Rockstar Collaborative

Are you a professional businesswoman on the brink of a new chapter, ready to reclaim your confidence, and seeking a sisterhood that supports, empowers, and propels you forward? Look no further – the Rockstar Collaborative is your tribe, your partner, and your catalyst for transformation.

Unlock your brilliance and discover the power of sisterhood and collaboration at the Rockstar Collaborative, where women come together to support, uplift, and empower each other. Our community is a blend of diverse, high-performing individuals who share a common goal: personal and professional growth.

For Every Woman, Any Woman

The Rockstar Collaborative is not just a program; it’s a movement tailored for every woman out there, regardless of where you stand in life. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a stay-at-home work mom, or a single woman navigating life’s uncertainties, our collaborative space is designed with you in mind.

Discover Your Tribe

Joining the Rockstar Collaborative means finding your tribe – a group of incredible women who resonate with your journey, challenges, and aspirations. These are not just connections; they are your newfound tribe, your confidantes, your partners in crime.

Support Beyond Expectations

In the Rockstar Collaborative, support goes beyond the ordinary. Picture this: a space where you can text or call anytime, ask any question, and receive honest answers. This is not just a collaboration; it’s a commitment to let you fail, catch you, and together propel you forward.

Your Impact Matters

Being part of the Rockstar Collaborative is not just about receiving support; it’s about making a positive impact. Every woman in our community contributes to the collective growth and empowerment. You’ll learn, grow, and feel a sense of fulfillment knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of others.

Why Rockstar Collaborative?

Versatile Inclusivity: From professionals to stay-at-home moms, from the employed to the unemployed – our collaborative embraces and celebrates the diversity of every woman’s journey.

Transformative Connection & Empowerment: Forge deep connections with women who become your tribe, offering unwavering support, honesty, and a shared commitment to success.

Impactful Support: Experience a level of support that goes beyond conventional collaboration – a network that catches you when you fall and propels you to new heights.

Positive Influence: Join a community where your journey not only benefits you but contributes positively to the lives of others, creating a ripple effect of empowerment.

🚀 What Our Rockstar Members Say:

  • “If I had to describe the Rockstar Collaborative in three words, they would be empowering, embracing, and all around badass.”
  • “The other women at the collaborative are absolutely phenomenal…we are not in competition but in just full support of one another…it has made me open up in ways that I never expected to do so and that was 100% because of the women sitting around the table with me.”
  • “Joining the Rockstar Collaborative has helped me find a connection to other women, as well as find my voice and be able to tell my story and then to have some tangible action items that I could take with me and imply to my daily lifestyle professionally and personally.”
  • “There’s a certain level of collaboration, which means not just everybody telling you their opinion, but you being able to offer your opinion to the other group members, and collaborate and play around with ideas so that you can progress.”
  • “You can be exactly as you are. And you’re gonna get the same thing from other people. And you don’t have to show up perfect, where everything is rainbows and unicorns

The Ideal Rockstar

This program is your opportunity if you’re already succeeding but occasionally grapple with:

  • Realizing and reaching your true potential, personally and professionally.
  • Pursuing audacious goals that may seem too colossal but reside in your dreams.
  • Managing (not just overcoming) imposter syndrome – because does it ever really go away?
  • Getting comfortable in the “spotlight” and confidently asking for what you want.
  • Finding a supportive “band” of unapologetically bold women.

You’re already brilliant at what you do; you just need a tribe of fellow Rockstars to illuminate your path.

Meet Gina Trimarco: Your Rockstar Collaborative Guide

Gina Trimarco, your exceptional facilitator, is the driving force behind your transformative journey.

The Rockstar Facilitator You Need

Gina is more than just a coach; she’s your guide, your facilitator, and your partner in this empowering adventure. Here’s what our community has to say about Gina:

“A Facilitator Who Understands You”

“During the Rockstar collaborative, Gina has been an amazing facilitator and coach because she allows us to find the course that we’re going on… she’s willing to pivot and improvise our conversations and make it very tangible for what we need in that moment… she hears us and sees us and respects our input.”

Gina understands the importance of individual journeys. She’s not just a facilitator; she’s your collaborator in navigating the path that best suits you. Her ability to pivot and improvise ensures that every conversation is tailored to your needs, making the experience tangible and impactful.

“Lifted Up with Tough Love”

“Gina, as a coach, a facilitator, a trainer, a path of on, she definitely knows how to lift you up and give you tough love.”

Gina embodies a unique blend of encouragement and tough love. As your coach, she lifts you up when needed, offering unwavering support. But when tough love is necessary for growth, Gina delivers it with the perfect balance, propelling you forward on your journey.

What Else You Can Expect From Gina

Tailored Guidance: Gina is committed to understanding your unique journey and adapting her facilitation to meet your specific needs.

Improvisational Expertise: With the ability to pivot and improvise, Gina ensures that every session is not just a conversation but a tangible and transformative experience.

Lifting and Tough Love: Experience the perfect blend of support and tough love that propels you toward your goals and empowers your personal and professional growth.

What to Expect

In this transformative six-month mastermind program, we’ll virtually convene on Zoom twice a month. During these sessions, you’ll receive coaching not only from Gina but also from peers across different industries, and guest experts in crucial areas such as:

  • Business planning and income generation.
  • Goal setting that propels you toward success.
  • Unleashing motivation that keeps you on track.
  • Crafting a resilient mindset for mental management.
  • Mastering the art of improvisation without a script.
  • Boosting confidence, articulating your desires, and conquering imposter syndrome.

Each 75-minute session will be recorded for your convenience. Additionally, you’ll have access to a dedicated Slack channel and group text, fostering connections with your fellow Rockstars and Gina.

Program Highlights:

  • Duration: Six (6) months, starting May 6, 2024 at 11:30 ET.
  • Frequency: Two (2) virtual group sessions for coaching and training per month (see schedule for details).
  • Networking Hub: Engage in networking and collaboration through a dedicated Slack channel and group text.
  • Recorded Sessions: Can’t make it in person? No worries – all sessions are recorded on Zoom for your convenience.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom of guest experts who will provide specialized training and coaching.
  • Intimate & Exclusive, yet Inclusive: Each collaborative group is limited to 12 Rockstars, and requires an application and interview to ensure the best fit for the collaborative. Other collaborative groups will be created as each circle is complete.
  • Investment: $1,494 for 6 months (option of 1 or 2 payments)

🎉 Join the Movement

Are you ready to unleash your potential, find your tribe, and be part of a movement that empowers women from all walks of life? The Rockstar Collaborative is not just a program; it’s a life-changing experience and community waiting for you to embrace. Join us and:

  • Discover the transformative power of sisterhood.
  • Experience collaborative success like never before.
  • Embrace your authentic self and find your voice.
  • Build lifelong friendships and a supportive network.
  • Receive mentorship from experienced leaders.
  • Explore new possibilities and rejuvenate your journey.

Ready to unleash your brilliance and elevate your success? Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be part of a community that empowers, uplifts, and transforms. Your journey to personal and professional success begins here!

APPLY NOW (new members) and let your light shine like never before!

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