Elevating Emotional Intelligence and Strengthening Relationships through Improvisation

Unlock the power of genuine human connection by immersing yourself in the world of improvisation. This 6-week* in-person course is designed to enhance your emotional intelligence through the art of spontaneity. Utilizing improv as a modality, participants will embark on a transformative journey that transcends scripted interactions, fostering genuine, authentic connections in both personal and professional spheres.

Course Outcomes:

Enhanced Communication Proficiency: Learn to navigate the intricacies of spontaneous communication with confidence. Through carefully crafted improv exercises, participants will develop heightened awareness, active listening skills, and the ability to respond authentically in the moment. Uncover the secrets of effective non-verbal communication, enabling you to connect on a deeper level with others.

Dynamic Presentation Skills: Elevate your presentation style by embracing the principles of improv. This course empowers participants to think on their feet, adapt to unexpected situations, and engage audiences with charisma and authenticity. By incorporating improv techniques into your presentations, you’ll captivate your audience, deliver compelling messages, and leave a lasting impact.

Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty: Embrace failure as a steppingstone to growth and resilience. Through improv, discover the art of turning unexpected twists into opportunities for connection and learning. Cultivate emotional intelligence by mastering the ability to navigate and bounce back from setbacks gracefully. Develop a mindset that not only accepts but embraces the unpredictable nature of human interaction and communication.

The Power of Laughter: Explore the transformative potential of laughter as a tool for enhancing emotional intelligence. Delve into the positive impact of humor on building connections, diffusing tension, and creating an inclusive environment. Learn to leverage laughter as a powerful means to foster resilience, empathy, and a deeper understanding of yourself and others.


This course is designed as a “lunch and laugh” training opportunity. We can help you coordinate a box lunch, or you can bring your own.

Dates: Fridays starting February 23rd and ending March 29th

Time: 11:30am – 2:00pm

Location: Long Bay Theatre 704 Studios, 704 8th Ave. N. in Myrtle Beach

Join us on this transformative journey where spontaneity meets emotional intelligence, and authentic connections become the cornerstone of your personal and professional success.


*This program can be scheduled as an all-day event. Contact gina@carolinaimprov.com for more information.