Rockstar Collaborative – Group Coaching

Be the rockstar (or bigger) you know you’re meant to be!

Many women reach out to me to tell me that I’ve secretly been their mentor in some way through my podcast or social media posts. Frankly, it was a little uncomfortable to hear, while humbling at the same time. In my opinion I just show up and be me. If that helps other women, that’s awesome.

The most common questions I get repeatedly are:

“How did you become so confident?” and

 “How does sales come so naturally to you?”

My answer is two-fold:

  • My father raised me to be self-sufficient and provider of my own destiny. He instilled hard work and street smarts in me at the age of 10 when I worked for him in flea markets. Learning how to interact and negotiate (aka “hustle”) at a young age was the most valuable tool to date.
  • Being trained in the performance arts shaped my ability to fail without fear, especially in improv comedy. Getting on stage continuously with the possibility of the audience not liking me prepared me to be fearless and confident.

I never set out to be in sales. If anything, I avoided it despite being pursued and recruited throughout my entire career to join the sales ranks. Not until I became an entrepreneur in my late 30s did I understand the need to learn how to sell.

Covid crushed both of my businesses, an improv comedy theater and a training company, while going through a divorce and my mother’s death. AND yet I rose up and didn’t let those tragedies destroy me. I found my way into a job that paid my bills, got great therapy, and met the man of my dreams, who I married.

It’s time for me to step up and be of bigger service to those women (and men) who want the extra push to grow in their careers or businesses.

My experience as a business and sales coach, plus life experience of learning how to bounce back are here for the sharing.

Why is this program called “Rockstar Collaborative?”

Two reasons:

The first is based on the world of improv, where the number one rule is “make others look like rockstars” and to have a collaborative mindset. You can expect this vibe from me and the other Rockstars.

The second reason is quite transparently because my husband has been calling me a “Rockstar” from the day he met me, without knowing the improv philosophy around it. It created all kinds of feels for me after being in gaslight marriage for nearly two decades. He saw (and sees) me for my brilliance. Hearing myself called a Rockstar triggered my amygdala into a positive version of “fight” in the fight or flight phenomenon. I want to pay that feeling forward because it’s a driver for success.

Based on all of this, I invite you to join me and a group of other Rockstars in the Rockstar Collaborative to elevate you to the megastar status you’ve always known you should own!

What is the Rockstar Collaborative?

The Rockstar Collaborative is virtual mastermind coaching group for business and saleswomen who are ready to reclaim and/or hone their confidence in a plethora of spotlight opportunities for the purpose of winning more deals in business and life.

Who is this for?

This program is for you if you are already succeeding but sometimes struggle with:

  • Realizing and reaching your true potential, personally and professionally
  • Achieving audacious goals that feel too big for you, but you dream of them

  • Managing (vs overcoming) imposter syndrome (does it ever really go away???)

  • Getting comfortable in the “spotlight” and asking for what you want

  • Finding a “band” of other unapologetically bold women

  • You’re already brilliant at what you do. You just need a group of fellow Rockstars to shine the light on you.

You’re already brilliant at what you do. You just need a group of fellow Rockstars to shine the light on you.

In this six-month mastermind program, we will meet virtually on Zoom three times a month. During these sessions you will receive coaching from myself, peers from different industries and guest experts in the areas of:

  • Sales skills and revenue generation
  • Business planning
  • Goal setting
  • Motivation
  • Mindset and mental management
  • Improvising in the moment without a script
  • Confidence, asking for what you want and overcoming imposter syndrome

BONUS: A virtual improv skills session will also be offered each month and is included in the program for anyone who wants to improve their communication and creativity skills!

Each mastermind session meets virtually for 60 – 75 minutes and will be recorded. You’ll also have access to a Slack channel to connect with myself and your peers.

The group is limited to 20 Rockstars and requires application and interview to ensure the best fit for the collaborative.

Program Summary:

  • Six (6) months – Starting July 12, 2023 (See Schedule*)
  • Two (2) group sessions for coaching and training per month
  • One (1) group improv session
  • Slack channel inclusion for networking and collaboration
  • Access to recorded sessions
  • Training and coaching from guest experts

* All sessions are recorded on Zoom if you can’t attend in person.

Apply now to schedule your interview to join this pilot program!


One-on-one coaching packages are also available. Email me for more information at